Mother Cray wants to be arrested

Mother Cray says if this woman could be arrested, she can too.

Mother Cray says if this woman could be arrested, she can too.

We were drinkin’ our strong coffee last night when Mother Cray announced she wants to be arrested.

Nell and me about passed our coffee through our noses.

What in tarnation was she talkin’ about?

Well, she saw on the Internet that people are goin’ to Raleigh to be arrested for trespassin’ in the Legislature Buildin’. More ‘n 150 so far.

What struck me when she showed us the video was how happy the arrestees seemed to be.  They was chantin’ and singin’ “This Little Light of Mine.”

Joy-filled civil disobedience, she called it.

We tried to tell her she’s a little elderly to be travelin’  cross the state and gettin’ arrested. Jail is not the place for little old ladies.

“Jail is the place for everbody what has convictions against injustice,” she said. “I cain’t do nothin’ or I am part of the injustice.”

I never seen Mother Cray so worked up. She’s always been so even-tempered. But she is in a tizzy over the injustice she sees in Raleigh.

Now, for us, a good trip is to run down to Asheville on a Friday night to see the Drum Circle, and as you know, we ain’t flown in a long time and won’t fly again.

But Mother Cray seems adamant about this. As a Christian woman, she says, she can’t sit  idle and watch while people are robbed of their rights and their money.

“They punish po’ people for bein’ po’ and then they step on ’em for tryin’ to rise out of poverty,” she said. “They try an’ prevent people like me from votin’, they take money from the schools an’ refuse health care to people what need it. They cut unemployment money an’ then criticize people who cain’t find work. They are as immoral a bunch as I seen since the Nazis! Worst than the Godless Communists, I say!”

By now, she was rockin’ so fast the coffee was sloppin’ outta her cup and the cat jumped outta her lap. I thought she was gonna tip over.

Mother Cray wrote to our state representative, our state senator and our members of Congress, and she has called ’em too. They have ignored her, except for a form letter Senator Richard Burr sent her about how she probably don’t understand the complexities involved in gun control and the Second Amendment, which only made her madder.

They do what they want, even though the have to know it’s wrong, she says. So, if she, an elderly lady from the tiny mountain hamlet of Remote, comes out to be arrested and sings “This Little Light of Mine” as she’s handcuffed and drug away, maybe they will get the message that we the people mean business!

So, it looks like we’ll be firin’ up the truck and headin’ to Raleigh on June 3. I s’pose you could look for us there. She may yet talk me n’ Nell into gettin’ arrested with her.


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1 Response to Mother Cray wants to be arrested

  1. jo4875 says:

    Safe travels to Raleigh. I hope to see Mother Cray on the 6 PM news on WLOS.
    I admire you for taking action against these politicians who want us to believe they are doing right by OUR state. We know the truth! Give em hell!

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