God forbid they should miss tee time

Not that Nell and Mother Cray and me fly very much, or even at all.

Hell, it just took one time being frisked for Mother Cray to say she would rather walk than fly again. I mean, what kind a risk could a woman her age pose that makes it OK to put your hands all over her? I mean, she always carries that little flask in her bra, case she needs her medicine. Who knew they’d suspect her of bein’ a terrorist over a little blackberry brandy?

That was on the way to her sister’s grandson’s weddin’ in Philadelphia back in ’06, and we ain’t flew anywhere since.

But I digress. The point is that one day after they started layin’ off airport workers and the lines started buildin’ up at airports, Congress voted to take those cuts outta the sequestration mix. After all, they was about to leave on vacation and they didn’t want to have to wait none.

On the other hand, old folks who have nobody to help ’em with cookin’ and such are losing their Meals on Wheels because of this. And people who have cancer are being denied their treatments because of government cutbacks.

If it wasn’t for Nell and me, Mother Cray would need that Meals on Wheels thing ever day. Everone else has moved away and they can’t come back for lunch ever day, even the ones in Asheville and Charlotte.

As for cancer, old folks on Medicare usually get their chemotherapy treatments in clinics, which are takin’ a hit under the sequestration, so they can’t pay for the chemotherapy drugs to treat people and still stay in business.

It’ll just keep gettin’ worse and worse an’ Congress will fix whatever inconveniences them, which in my mind, makes ’em meaner than a rattlesnake that got stepped on. Their mamas don’t have to worry about who’ll fix lunch because they got the money to hire somebody. They can afford to pay extra to put their parents in a hospital ‘stead of a clinic, so they’ll get their chemo.

The cuts are affecting young ‘uns too. Kids are losing their early childhood education, which means some of ’em will never catch up to the rich kids who went to private pre-school. Little ones are losing nutrition benefits too, through the Women, Infants and Children’s program known as WIC, which helps babies and toddlers get the right foods.

But the weasels in Congress are only there to look out for theirselves and their rich buddies. It couldn’t be more obvious.

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