Shame on the mean-spirited among us

Zelda here, and I think Jesus would  be plenty angry about what I just saw on the internet.

I was cruisin’ along — or is it surfin’? Anyway, there’s Governor Rick Perry’s smilin’ face with somebody sayin’ he shouldn’t get government help for the big explosion that flattened half a town t’other night. I jus’ sat there shakin’ my head that anyone could say that.

OK, he’s not a kind man. God will judge him for that when the time comes. But God will judge you, too, if you deny help to those poor people what lost everthin’

What is our problem as a people that we would deny help to someone in need because a few ninny-headed politicians started talkin’ up secession — like that could happen. That was tried once before, remember? If you don’t, maybe you should come visit the cemetery here at the Remote First Methodist Church. The good Reverend McGraw can help you find the graves of brothers who fought against each other –the Brown boys and the McClearys.

Now, I don’t cotton to Mr. Perry’s politics, but I would never punish innocent people because of that. Shame all over any one of you who would.

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