Preacher says we should love

love one anotherZelda here. I been in a stew all week. See, we went to church on Sunday, like we usually do, expectin’ the usual post-Easter, Doubting Thomas sermon, but that ain’t what we got.

Instead, the Rev. McGraw started talkin’ about loving our enemies, includin’ the folks in Raleigh who are tryin’ to take away our voting rights and tryin’ to make Baptists outa all of us, not to mention all the other crazy stuff goin’ on.

We don’t know what’s goin’ on in their hearts, he said, but they are children of God, and God loves ’em.

Frankly, I don’t suppose God’s bragged about that branch of His family much lately.

I had to ask myself whether the good Reverend has been readin’ Isaiah lately, specifically, Chapter 10, which starts, “Woe to them who make unjust laws, and them who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and rob my oppressed folks of justice.”

We might as well say, “Woe to them what sit in North Carolina government in Raleigh because their hearts are black and their minds are evil.”

Now, I know I’m called on to love everone, but it ain’t easy gettin’ past my anger over what they’re doin’ to those of us who ain’t rollin’ in resources.

I guess I’ll just have to ask God for forgiveness — and a whole lot of help because I’ll need a ton help to love them folks.

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