If the Dogwood is the State Tree, then


mountains near us, back last fall

Shoot, I been getting a new field ready for plowing and been away from this infernal machine (while working with a  couple of other infernal machines). But I ain’t been missing the news out of the flatlands. How long have them boys and girls in Raleigh been busy now? Three months or so?  Lord a mercy, but they work fast. Almost like they had it all planned.

Wait a minute…Mother needs more coffee and I’m going warm mine up.

Alright now. I don’t know which is worst–that squinty-eyed governor or the Legislature but they are both as bad as each other, as Mother says. Can you even keep up with them because I can’t hardly. There was the healthcare mess–which is still a mess and probably always will be.  Good thing me and Zell know a thing or two about herbs and whatnot.

They been taking people’s airports and I don’t understand that exactly but I know that these towns like Charlotte and Asheville get money from having an airport–money that goes into all sorts of things city people need, like picking up the garbage. But because all these cities don’t really have any kind of power, the statehouse folks can just write up a piece of paper that says–you don’t have this no more. The end.  And then they make up a board of people who are supposed to manage it but the city has all the expense and noise and such but don’t get any recompense.

But I always say–follow the money.  Who’s making a pretty penny off all this shifting around?  Who stands to benefit from that kind of change?  I know it ain’t me and Zell and Mother and I’d be willing to bet it is some high-spending dudes from off in the flatlands.  You just check it out and see.  Follow the money.

But the thing I heard yesterday made me laugh and then I got real quiet. So quiet that the mule came up and nosed me to see was I froze up.  Some damn fool down the mountain has decided to make being a Baptist the state religion.

Being a Methodist, I don’t hold with that. And being an American, I don’t hold with that neither. Even if they was going to make Methodists the official religion of North Carolina, that wouldn’t be right.  Number one–it’s against the Constitution. And Number two–it ain’t right. So how is Mr. Stein–that nice Jewish man in town where I get Mother her salami–how is him and Mrs. Stein going to feel when being Jewish isn’t the state religion?  Put out and left out, I don’t doubt.  And what about all them poor girls (and boys, too, I imagine) who got diddled by some preacher when they was young uns–what about them?  They’re going to feel mad. I would.  I do already.

Just about everything I hear coming out of the statehouse doesn’t feel right to me–does it you?  Like they’re up to no good and doing right in front of my eyes. Don’t even have the decency to cheat me behind my back.

Now, what should we do about it?  What would you do about it, if you was me?  Do you love North Carolina enough to fight for it? Or are you fixing to turn tail and run for California?

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1 Response to If the Dogwood is the State Tree, then

  1. Byron says:

    I appreciate your take on things. Thanks!

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