I can’t keep up!

These folks were willin' to die for their right to vote.

These folks were willin’ to die for their right to vote.

Zelda here.

I think I will stick to voting rights in this post and talk about unconstitutional state religion, illegal charter school boards and tax “reform” in separate posts, although it’s hard to find the time to talk about everthing. Oh, and let’s not forget the proposed background checks for folks on public assistance (but not for folks wantin’ to buy a gun).

Perhaps Nell will post on state religion. She’s rather eloquent on that topic. I’ll talk to her about that when she gets in from collectin’ eggs and feedin’ the mule.

Anyway, the folks in Raleigh don’t want those of us who would like to kick their sorry asses outa there to vote, so they’re gonna try an’ make it more difficult.

As I have mentioned before, Mother Cray doesn’t have a birth certificate because she was born at home a long, long time ago. So this bill would deny her the vote based on that.

Or she could get a photo ID, but that costs money, so it amounts to an illegal poll tax.

Now let’s say one of my grandbabies went away to college, say to Warren Wilson, or even to UNC Charlotte. She would register to vote where she lives, of course. But then my son wouldn’t be able to claim her on his taxes because even though he still supports her, and even though she’s not 21, her voter registration address is different than his.

Now, my son hasn’t had a good payin’ job since his was shipped off to China two years ago, so he needs the deduction. Does that mean my little girl loses her right to vote? Apparently so, unless she’s willin’ to come home to vote.

Now, that might be a possibility if we leave early votin’ alone, but this bill doesn’t to that either. This bill shortens early votin’ and closes the satellite votin’ places.

We need early votin’ because people who have to work and can’t take time off need a time they can vote. Now, federal law says your employer has to let you off to go vote, but it doesn’t say your employer has to pay you for time off, so if you have to wait in a long line on Election Day, you won’t get paid. I don’t know a lot of folks who can afford that.

All of these folks tend to vote for people who aren’t buddy-buddy with the 1 percent, and our “elected” officials in Raleigh know that.

Of course, this won’t redraw any gerrymandered districts, which were drawn specifically to take power away from people of color and low-income folks.

They hope to ensure a long, long career for themselves in government. I say we ALL need to be sure we’re registered and we ALL need to vote.

Hey, maybe we could start a fund to help people who lose a whole day’s pay standin’ in line at the polls.


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