And now they’re into your marriage

Zelda here.

I wasn’t gonna write anythin’ today because I have to finish Easter preparations. I still have to hem the dress I made for Mother Cray an’ bake bread and a cake.

But this was too much. I took a break an’ found the damndest thing (sorry to use such coarse language on Easter weekend, with our Lord in the grave an’ all). Two state senators, Austin Allran of Hickory and Warren Daniel of Morganton are puttin’ Senate Bill 518 out there.

This bill would make it harder to get a divorce in North Carolina. First, you’d have to wait two years’ stead of one, and you’d have to have counselin’ to learn how to communicate better. An’ if you have young ‘uns, you’d have to take a four-hour class tellin’ you how a divorce might affect ’em.

So, what in tarnation happened to smaller government?

And who are they to tell a woman who’s getting beat up she has to try and work it out? Like a man who abuses his woman is gonna benefit from counselin’. He’ll just blame it all on her like he always does. Nothin’s his fault.

I remember the poor woman down the road, whose husband killed her because she got in the way of the TV and he missed a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday. Beat her to death. Their preacher had talked her into stayin’ after he put her in the hospital so he could counsel ’em. Now their kids is orphans.

Sure, young ‘uns are affected when somebody gets divorced, but a lot of times it’s better than lettin’ ’em see a bad marriage.

Nope, when somebody wants a divorce, it’s none of my business why.

So, why is it any business of these foolish senators?

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