Can You Fix Stupid?

Hey, everybody. Nell here.  I seen a bumper sticker the other day that tickled me. It said You Can’t Fix Stupid. Boy, did I laugh.

And then I stopped laughing and got to thinking about the good old North State. I do that, you know.  I have loved this dear old place since studying it in Mzrs. Jenkins class back in middle school. Shoot, I can still sing the state song–can you?

The jackasses that inhabit Raleigh, NC are making a very long list of things that will take this fine state back to the 1930s…or maybe the 1830s. Zell and me joke sometimes that we best sharpen up our pioneer skills, just in case. Hell, I’m thinking of getting me a fine mule to pull Poppa’s old wagon.

Latest thing I heard was closing down colleges. To save money. Lord have mercy. They aint got the sense they were born with. Cut the Dept of Transportation how about it. Or cut the salaries of the afore-mentioned jackasses. or maybe we could tax some rich folks and quit giving sweetheart deals to out-of-state developers and corporations.

I’ll tell you this much–give me and Zell that damn budget and a cup full of sharp #2 pencils and we’d balance that budget.  Rich folks wouldn’t like it, maybe. But since when did I give a good goddam about them?

North Carolina needs more smart people, not less. Young ‘uns need to have a way to stay here near their roots and their people and not have to run off to Atlanta or North to find a job and raise a family. Which means that them jackasses in Raleigh need to quit worrying about women’s titties and Asheville’s water and start figuring out how to bring some jobs here. Right quick.

Jobs need smart young ‘uns. Young ‘uns get smart by having smart mamas and daddies and going to school to get more smarts. Schools, you morons. Full bellies, a roof over our heads, a chance to see the doctor when we’re sick, clean water, clean air, jobs for the young ‘uns.

Now that’s what I can get behind.


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