Here’s a stupid idea: Let’s muzzle the advocates

George ClevelandNow, this one really makes no sense. State Rep. George Cleveland from Onslow County way out there on the coast, has introduced just about the most nonsensical law I can imagine — and I, Zelda, have a pretty good imagination.

North Carolina has a state agency that does consumer advocacy for people, and Rep. Cleveland wants them to keep their mouths shut. You heard it right, he wants to muzzle ’em. His bill would forbid them from expressin’ any opinions, which is their job.

He says he don’t want ’em expressing opinions that might not be in the best interest of the people of this state. I think he doesn’t want ’em challengin’ the people who are tryin’ to take us back to the 18th century.

Apparently, Mr. Cleveland doesn’t want to hear about consumers gettin’ the shaft. It’s another “business-friendly” law that hurts the people who elected him, but benefits the folks who bought him his seat.

Mr. Robert Gruber, who’s been the director of the Public Staff Agency for  30 years, showed up at the legislative hearin’, prepared to answer questions, but the legislators didn’t want to hear what he had so say.

So, after the vote, Mr. Gruber went over to Rep. Cleveland, introduced himself, and explained that his agency is nonpartisan and follows state energy policies that are enacted by the legislature. I hope he used small words.

Mr. Cleveland made national news not too long ago when he said our fair state doesn’t have any people living in poverty.

Really? Come to Remote, sir, and you will see people who lost good manufacturing jobs and can’t find anywhere to work but Walmart. You’ll see people who need a doctor but can’t go because they don’t have insurance. Without the church food pantry, they’d be hungry all the time. They can barely make payments on a mobile home.

Take a good look at this old white man and if you see him on the street (which is not likely here in Remote), let him know your opinion. At least we’re still free to speak our minds — unless we work for the NC Public Staff Agency.

I think maybe me and Nell need to take a trip to Raleigh and chat with some of these clowns. Problem is, I can’t promise I won’t lose my temper, drop the F-bomb and slap ’em silly. I try very hard to be nonviolent as our Good Lord commanded, but some people tempt me sorely.


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