Well I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle

Is Barney Fife the governor now?  That skinny little scaredy cat with his big bold talk and his shaking hands?

Yessir, I reckon that is the case. Except the governor–who I did not vote for (though the feller on the other side wasn’t much to write home about)–had decided it might be best to do some things away from the hawkeye of the restive public.

Sorry…Nelda here.  Just finished up the washing-up from dinner and am having my good strong coffee with Mother Cray.

I ran acrosst this a few minutes ago and it gave me a sour taste in my mouth–


Doesn’t it make you proud to be from the Old North State?  He’s pretty proud of signing the damn thing, isn’t he, when he’s doing it away from where anybody can make a nice picture of him doing the dirty deed. 

Maybe a few less roads, Mr. Governor, and finding ways to take care of all the people of North Carolina.  Reckon you can show me how you plan to do that?  Or are you leaving it up to us to figure out how to save money?  I think I’d start with your salary, you sorry excuse for a leader.


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