Billy and RuthZelda here.

Our boys and girls in Raleigh are at it agin. While three of me and Nell’s kids are lookin’ for work, our elected officials have introduced a bill to honor the Rev. Billy Graham and his lovely wife Ruth, rest her soul.

I am not sayin’ we should never honor them. They did a lot of good work. That’s fine.

But people need jobs, ‘specially with the cuts in unemployment comin’.

So far, after all the promises of bein’ moderate, these clowns have refused to expand Medicaid, which would help a lot of people in these parts whose jobs got shipped to China and who can only find work at Walmart now.

Now they are tryin’ to make it harder for us to vote. I’m wonderin’ how we are gonna git Mother Cray’s vote counted since she was born at home and there ain’t no record of her birth. So she ain’t a real person, apparently. Me and Nell will have to figure out how to get her vote counted even though the folks in Raleigh don’t want that to happen.

They’re promotin’ frackin’, gettin’ ready to fire everyone on every commission that might slow down their rapid progress back to the 14th Century, makin’ it harder for my granddaughters to get contraception and then takin’ away what help there might be to feed the young ‘uns they seem to want born.

And now, when we need leadership so bad, they’re votin’ to honor Rev. Graham.

On second thought, maybe that ain’t such a bad thing — at least they’re busy not causin’ damage while they’re considerin’ this.

I hope they don’t think Jesus will be happy enough with this to forget about all the damage they’re causin’.


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