Putting Those Bosoms Away For Now


on the road…again

That picture is the dog’s-eye-view of traveling. I laughed and laughed because you can’t see all the slobber that is flying behind the truck.  That old Ford ought to be slobber-powered!

Hey, this is Nelda.  Been up since can-see making sure the fence around the big barn is sturdy.  My nose and aching hip are telling me a big snow is coming and I do not want to be chasing cows through the hills in the dark and slick, thank you very much.

Old Zeld is on it, isn’t she?  Them boys and girls at the General Assembly better watch out for her is all I can say.  Which would be a sight better than spending all their time on bosoms.

Yes, you read that right. I was reading up on the topless question yesterday–last I heard the GA (do you all mind if I call them that?  my typing ain’t all it should be) was considering a bill that would make it a felony for women to take off their shirts in public.

I know.  Poor old North State–we don’t have the sense we were born with, do we?

Something I found interesting in my reading is that the bill doesn’t count for breastfeeding women and is only for women who are sweaty and hot and take off their shirts. Mostly in Asheville, where just about anything goes, doesn’t it? And at the beach, probably. The GA has put it on the “back burner” for now, according to what I was reading yesterday.Got too many letters or emails or whatnot.  As well they should have.  Which means it’s like a sour old copperhead deep down in the wood stack, waiting to bite your behind when you’re looking somewhere else or thinking about supper. I’m going to keep a sharp ear on it and see where it is when it rears its ugly head again.

But my point is where are their brains down there in Raleigh?  There’s hungry folks, folks with no jobs, outsiders coming in and buying up all the land to build sticketty houses for rich folks that don’t hardly ever stay in them.  Folks’s wells are poisoned and no body can figure how to clean it all up and make it sweet again.

What the sweet hell are those pikers in Raleigh doing about all that?  I don’t agree with folks telling me what to do–as you might imagine. Even my daddy wasn’t good at getting me to mind him. So this whole bosom business ain’t working for me.

You people got elected to make things work better and not get distracted by your loins and your Bibles. Get to work on the folks’s business, you lazy flatlanders.

Nelda out.

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