Poison in my well?

Zelda here.

Nell’s out checkin’ the fences and I just finished shorin’ up the chicken wire and feedin’ the girls, hauled in enough wood for a couple days and started some bread. I think Nell’s right about a storm comin’ because my bum hip smarts pretty bad today.

Anyway, I wanted to say we have about the sweetest water on earth out here in the mountains, but it looks like our elected officials on Raleigh are caterin’ to the elites again, gettin’ ready to allow ’em to pollute our wells.

Now, Timmy Moffitt has defended his takin’ away Asheville’s city water, and Nell and me don’t have to worry about it because we have our own well water. Can’t get city water out here in Remote anyways. But I’m always lookin’ for a conspiracy and I see one in the takeover of city water systems.

See, I’m thinkin’ they want to make it easier for frackers to use whatever water is available without having to worry about who will be left with poison comin’ out the spigot. They say there’s no gas under the mountains, but if they find it, they don’t want anyone tellin’ ’em they can’t pollute my well.

I hope there ain’t gas shale under my land because we can’t keep ’em away with Ellis’s old shotgun — they don’t even have to be on the land to poison my water.

People out by the ocean have to worry more than we do here for the moment. But what happens when their water is poison? What’s to keep the greedy bastards from comin’ for my water — or yours?

OK, enough of a rant for now. The bread’s about risen and Mother Cray needs another cup of coffee.


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