Mercy me, y’all.



Snow isn’t too bad out here but it has kept me busy this weekend. Busting up kindling is good exercise but it will plum wear you out.

Law…sorry, y’all. This is Nelda, signing in for a little writing time. Zeld and me have been talking about all this mess over in Raleigh and complaining and fussing–so we figured it was time (“Past time! Zeld is yelling at me from the pantry) to get on it.

Don’t know how we’re going to do that exactly. But I know me and Zeld,  When we got something to say, we got to say it or bust. And don’t expect us to sound like some nice ladies at a hen party.  We’re mountain gals–we ain’t nice and we ain’t ladies.

Got to bring in some kindling and then sit down with a cup of coffee and see what’s happening at the state house.

Then I’ll get back to you. Don’t fret about that at all.

Nelda out.

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1 Response to Mercy me, y’all.

  1. 2craysisters says:

    It’s about time, Neld. I been carryin’ all the weight.

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