I used to like pink

Zelda here.

I always thought pink was a right pretty color, especially when it was a bow in a little girl’s hair, or worn on the blouse of a woman who has survived breast cancer, but my state has gone and made it ugly by sayin’ ever “illegal” immigrant has to have a pink stripe on their drivers license. (I put illegal in quotes because I don’t think any human bein’ is illegal.)

Now, my kin have been here since the McElroys came from Ireland durin’ the Great Hunger, and family lore says we were not welcome in this land of opportunity. Our menfolk were paid to take the places of wealthy folk in the northern army during the War Between the States. We faced signs that said, “No Irish need apply,” and it didn’t matter if we were Scots-Irish like my kin. We were not welcome.

My folks landed here in the mountains, where we could take care of ourselfs and we survived.

Eventually, we were accepted as Americans. If you read your history, you know that every group who came here was treated the same way. We all lived in poverty, we all struggled and most had the added burden of having to learn the English language.

Have y’all ever heard of the Know Nothing party? Millard Fillmore ran for a second term on their anti-immigrant ticket. He lost and they and their hate-filled policies went away.

They appear to be back in North Carolina, which is ordering a pink stripe on the drivers license of every “illegal” immigrant. I think this amounts to an institutionalization of discrimination here in what’s s’posed to be the Land of the Free.

So, I wonder what comes next if you take this and let it keep a goin’.

Do we make people wear pink stars on their clothin’ to identify them?  Do we make them live in assigned neighborhoods so we know where they are? Do we take away their right to own a business or have a job?

Do y’all even know where I am headed with this?

People are people. God sees us all as human and he expects us all to treat each other that way.

Let me just say — again — that y’all oughta be ashamed of yourselfs.

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1 Response to I used to like pink

  1. Cameron says:

    I see exactly where you’re heading with that, and you are absolutely right! Glad I found your blog! Will be reading and keeping up. Found your Face Book page too, We’re in SC, maybe sometime we could catch up with each other in Asheville!

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