By way of introduction

Gentle Reader, we are the Cray Sisters, Zelda and Nelda, from the small mountain hamlet of Remote, NC.

We don’t fire up the truck and get into town more than a few times a year to get dry goods and other supplies (copper tubing and such).

For the most part, we have what we need here in Remote, but  lately we have noticed a disturbing trend in life here in our state. Our elected officials in Raleigh have gone plum jackass crazy.

Now, our Granny, a woman of great common sense, taught us we need to speak up when we see somethin’ wrong, so we are speakin’.

It appears obvious to us there is little common sense among the folks we sent to Raleigh.

We don’t know whether your mamas are proud of y’all, but if y’all were ours, we wouldn’t be standin’ very proud. If our young ‘uns had behaved the way y’all are acting, we’d have used a switch to set your asses on fire.

Y’all oughta be ashamed of yourselves, cuttin’ people’s unemployment benefits after letting their jobs get shipped overseas, denyin’ people health care, actin’ like women’s bodies belong to you.

Then you go to church on Sunday and say you love Jesus. Well, I bet Jesus isn’t braggin’ on you overly much.

Well, we have decided to try and talk some sense into y’all — or failin’ that, to the people who voted for you.

We will be keepin’ an eye on y’all because we are believers in common sense. We’ll be callin’ y’all out on lies and dissemblings.

You been warned.







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