Appearances do matter, Mr. Meadows

Dear Mr. Mark Meadows,

This is Zelda Cray here.  I live in your district, although I can’t say I voted for you. All that Agenda 21 stuff is rather off-putting to me.

Now, I don’t know your real opinion of women or of just what kinda rights a man has where his womenfolk are concerned, but you appear to be a real clod if your vote on the Violence Against Women Act is any kind of indication.

I would love to know what goes on inside your head if you really believe women don’t need protection from men who think they can knock their womenfolk around at will.

I’ll give you this: I warmed my kids’ backsides now and again, but only when they did somethin’ that endangered them or others, and never more than enough to shock ’em into understandin’ their mama was pissed beyond belief. Mostly they got more chores heaped on ’em.

After your vote on the Violence Against Women Act, you would be sloppin’ the hogs, milkin’ the cow, cleanin’ the chicken coop, choppin’ wood, doin’ dishes … for the rest of your dang life.

Now, you might not believe we women deserve to be slapped around ever once in awhile, but it sure looks that way after your vote, and appearances do matter and I think you look like a mean-spirited fool.

Nelda and me raised our kids to know they shouldn’t hit anyone except in self-defense, and that anyone who hits on somebody who can’t defend theirself deserves a long, long coolin’-off time in jail. Our husbands was raised the same way. They were kind, gentle men, God rest their souls.

Of course with somebody like Mother Cray raisin’ you up, you can’t go wrong, bless her heart.

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